Office of the President

Report of the Strategic Planning Task Force December, 2001

Making Choices: Western's Commitments as a  Research-Intensive University

Approved by Senate October 2001
Approved by Board of Governors November 2001

Table of Contents

I. Introduction: Our Challenge

II. A Changing Environment

III. Building the Research-Intensive University: Making Choices in Support of Excellence

Recruiting and Retaining the Best People in a Competitive Environment

IV. Faculty

V. Staff

VI. Students

VII. Alumni

The Road Ahead: Strategic Issues for Western

VIII. Size, Resources and Quality

IX. Collaborative Activities

X. Information Technology

XI. Institutional Advancement

Conclusion: Our Quest

Appendix I: Strategic Planning Task Force

Appendix II: Leadership in Learning

Appendix III: UWO enrolments: 1996-1997 to 2005-06

Appendix IV: Sources of Graphs and Statistical Data