Institutional principles and values

Western Shield

In support of our institutional Mission and Vision— which together articulate Western's commitment to serving the public good through excellence in teaching, research and scholarship—the following principles and values describe the culture that all members of our campus community will aspire to embrace and uphold. They include:

  • Academic Freedom: We will uphold the right of all in our academic community to speak and write freely, and we expect all who study, teach and do research at Western to uphold the highest ideals of scholarly responsibility.
  • Accountability: We will be accountable to our students and the general public for
the quality and quantity of our teaching, research, scholarship, and service to the community, and for the
responsible and effective use of our resources.
  • Autonomy: We will be creative and entrepreneurial in seeking the financial and policy means to strengthen our autonomy and reduce dependence on public funding, thus enabling Western to more vigorously pursue academic priorities in support of our Mission and Vision.
  • Diversity: We are committed to welcoming the world to Western and will ensure that our enrolment, employment and advancement processes are open, unhindered and free of barriers.
  • Excellence: We will aspire in our teaching, learning, research and scholarship to a level of academic excellence that is recognized nationally and internationally, as characterized by high standards for the recruitment and performance of our faculty, staff and students.
  • Innovation: We will foster an environment that rewards creativity and risk-taking on the part of faculty, staff, and students that is responsive to opportunities for improving all aspects of our teaching, learning, research, scholarship and service toward the public good.
  • Integrity: We will embrace the values of honesty, fairness and respect in creating and disseminating all scholarly work, and in conducting all of our academic and professional activities, as an essential means to serving the public good.
  • Interdisciplinarity: Recognizing that solutions to many of the world's most significant and complex challenges are often found where disciplines intersect, we will promote and support collaboration while building capacity for interdisciplinary research and teaching.
  • Internationalization: We will embrace our role as an active member of the global academic community through the full range of our educational, research, scholarship, and community development activities that engage our students, faculty, staff, alumni and external partners.
  • Leadership: We are committed to building a culture of achievement that inspires all members of our campus community—faculty, students, staff and alumni—to lead and succeed as global citizens committed to making a difference in society.
  • Openness: We will promote and facilitate a campus community in which information is widely shared, broad participation is encouraged, the processes for decision-making are understood and respected, and feedback is valued.
  • Partnership: We will seek cooperative and mutually beneficial relationships with other academic institutions, businesses, charitable organizations, and governments at home and abroad to enhance and support our educational, research and scholarly activities.
  • Safety and Respect: We will create and maintain a safe and respectful learning and work environment in which all students, staff and faculty can aspire to excellence and success.
  • Selectivity: We will achieve excellence on the world stage by identifying our greatest academic and research strengths and building upon them with the strategic and selective allocation of incremental resources.
  • Social Responsibility: We will aspire, through our teaching, research and service to the community, to play a significant role in improving the quality of life through economic development in London and this region, in the Province of Ontario, in Canada, and abroad.
  • Sustainability: We will leverage our intellectual capacity to solve pressing environmental problems, while minimizing the impact of our campus community on the environment and educating students to be leaders in the environment and sustainability movement.