2013 strategic plan renewal consultation

Quantitative summary of written submissions and meeting notes
received by and collected on behalf of the Senate Committee on University Planning



Aboriginal Education and Employment Council 1
Administrative Bodies/Units 4
Academic Bodies/Units (other than Faculty Councils) 21*
Alumni (individuals) 15
Alumni Association 3
External Community Groups and Government 5
Faculty (individuals) 65
Faculty Councils (including Graduate Education) 13
Leaders’ Forum table discussion notes on Strategic Plan 1 doc (25 pp)
Staff (individuals) 50
Students (individuals) 40
Student Groups 5
UK Foundation Board of Directors 1
Unions / Employee Groups 5
Anonymous 7
“We Speak” Campus Culture Survey question on Strategic Plan 1 doc (88 pp)
Western Libraries  2


* Total includes 10 letters supporting the Migration & Ethnic Relations program.

Units/Groups/Associations that provided oral and/or written input to the
Senate Committee on University Planning

  1. Aboriginal Education and Employment Council
  2. Academic and Administrative Leaders’ Forum (November 29, 2012)
  3. Board of Governors
  4. Continuing Studies
  5. Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration
  6. Centre for Research on Migration and Ethnic Relations
  7. City of London (signed by Mayor Joe Fontana and City Manager Art Zuidema)
  8. Department of Women’s Studies and Feminist Research
  9. Equity and Human Rights Services
  10. Faculty Council of Arts and Humanities
  11. Faculty Council of Education
  12. Faculty of Engineering
  13. Graduate Education Council
  14. Faculty Council of Health Sciences
  15. Faculty Council of Information and Media Studies
  16. Faculty Council of Ivey Business School
  17. Faculty of Law
  18. Faculty Council of Don Wright Music
  19. Faculty of Science
  20. Faculty Council of Social Science
  21. FIMS Students’ Council
  22. Housing and Ancillary Services
  23. Human Resources Division
  24. Indigenous Services
  25. Joint Employment Equity Committee
  26. London & Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership
  27. Office of the Vice-Provost (Academic Programs and Students)
  28. Pillar Non-Profit Network
  29. Postdoctoral Association at Western
  30. Professional and Managerial Association
  31. Public Humanities Program
  32. School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
  33. Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry
  34. Society of Graduate Students
  35. South London Neighbourhood Resource Centre
  36. Teaching Support Centre
  37. UK Foundation Board of Directors
  38. United Way of London & Middlesex (Andrew Lockie, CEO)
  39. University Ombudsperson
  40. University Students’ Council
  41. University of Western Ontario Faculty Association
  42. Western Alumni Association
  43. Western Heads East
  44. Western Libraries
  45. WindEEE Research Institute
  46. Writing Support Centre