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Strategic Planning Task Force 2006

Western Campus Building

Engaging the Future: 
Final Report of the Task Force on Strategic Planning

Western's campus community has now completed development of a new Strategic Plan, setting directions for the University within the context of the new postsecondary environment that emerged with the May 2005 provincial budget.

In June 2006, a draft report from the Strategic Planning Task Force was made available to the campus and London communities. In October, Senate made several amendments to the draft document, which were approved as part of the final report submitted November 23 to the Board of Governors.

Below is a Q&A explaining the mandate and membership of Western's Strategic Planning Task Force.

Read Engaging the Future online.

Download high-resolution PDF of Engaging the Future for printing (please note this is a large file and may take a few moments to download).

What were the key elements of the Strategic Planning Task Force’s mandate?

Broadly speaking, the Task Force was asked to do five things:

  1. review the mission and vision statements in the 1995 Strategic Plan, Leadership in Learning, and the aspirations set out in the 2001 Strategic Plan, Making Choices, in the context of the new postsecondary environment;
  2. identify key priorities which Western should pursue in support of its mission, vision and basic principles, while focusing on four key groups – faculty, staff, students and alumni;
  3. examine areas including graduate and undergraduate programming and enrolment; recruitment and support of faculty, staff and students; internationalization; and alumni affairs; and propose ways to recognize and build on strengths in research, teaching and the learning environment;
  4. determine Western’s placement nationally and internationally in scholarship and learning, and establish effective means to measure our progress in the future;
  5. examine the investment in new construction and renovation to existing space required to fulfill our academic objectives.

Who Sat On The Strategic Planning Task Force?

Terms of reference for the Task Force were approved by the Senate and Board of Governors in June 2005, which included membership composition.

Task Force members included:

  1. President & Vice-Chancellor, as Chair (Paul Davenport)
  2. Provost & Vice-President, Academic (Fred Longstaffe)
  3. Four members elected by the Board of Governors (Helen Connell, Halfdan Kelly, John Nash, Michele Noble)
  4. Seven members elected by Senate, one of whom must be an undergraduate and one a graduate student (Sandy Clark, undergraduate student; Elan Paulson, graduate student; Samantha Brennan, Arts & Humanities – Philosophy; Chris Ellis, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry – Medical Biophysics; Brock Fenton, Science – Biology; Joyce Garnett, University Librarian; Julie McMullin, Social Science – Sociology)
  5. One member named by UWOFA (Michael Bartlett, Engineering)
  6. One member named by the Unity Group from among the staff groups (David Empey, UWOSA)
  7. One member named by Western’s Alumni Association (Jim Etherington)
  8. One member named by the Principals of the three Affiliated University Colleges (Theresa Topic, Brescia University College)
  9. One member named by the University Students’ Council (Shane Gonsalves, VP Education)
  10. One graduate student named by the Society of Graduate Students (Patti Dalton, Past SOGS President, and Shannon Dea, SOGS President)
  11. Two members named by the President and Vice-Chancellor, one of whom will be a member of the administrative staff (Peggy Wakabayashi, Housing; John Doerksen, Music)

Resource staff included:

  1. Vice-President, Administration (Gitta Kulczycki)
  2. Vice-President, Research & International Relations (Ted Hewitt)
  3. Vice-President, External (Ted Garrard)
  4. Vice-Provosts and Associate Vice-Presidents, as required by the Task Force
  5. Special Advisor to the President (Marty England) and the Executive Assistant to the President (Dalin Jameson) and the Provost will provide direct support to the Task Force

How Did The Task Force Gather Information To Draft Its First Report?

The Task Force received submissions and heard presentations from several members of the campus and London community (listed below), and welcomed input from any member or group of the campus and London communities via written submissions.

Additionally, open Town Hall Meetings were held on September 5 and 7, 2006. See a summary of comments on the draft Strategic Planning Task Force report, Engaging the Future, brought forward by members of the community during these Town Hall meetings. (read more)

Among the presenters heard by the Task Force were:

  • John Kime, President & CEO, London Economic Development Corporation
  • Gerry Macartney, General Manager & CEO, London Chamber of Commerce
  • Bob Wood, Dean, Don Wright Faculty of Music
  • John Winston, General Manager, Tourism London
  • George Kerhoulas, Royal LePage
  • Jane Toswell, President, UWOFA
  • Francis Chan, Associate Dean, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry
  • Carol Stephenson, Dean, Richard Ivey School of Business
  • Steve Pepper, President, CUPE Local 2361
  • Bob Graham, President, CUPE Local 2692
  • Iain Findlater, President, International Union of Operating Engineers
  • Selvakumar Kandasamy, President, PSAC Local 00610
  • Peggy Bugler, President, Select Administrative Group
  • Randy Hewitt, President, Police Association
  • David Empey, President, UWOSA
  • Gerry LaHay, President, PMA
  • Alan Weedon, Vice-Provost (Policy, Planning and Faculty)
  • Gitta Kulczycki, Vice-President, Administration
  • Tom Ewart, Richard Ivey School of Business
  • Bob Bailey, Director, Environmental Science Program
  • Dave Riddell, Assoc. Vice-President, Physical Plant & Capital Planning  
  • Sharon Farnell, Internal Auditor
  • Elgin Austen, Director, Campus Police
  • Jane O'Brien, Assoc. Vice-President, Human Resources
  • Susan Grindrod, Assoc. Vice-President, Housing & Ancillary Services
  • Lynn Logan, Assoc. Vice-President, Financial Services
  • David Estok, Assoc. Vice-President, Communications & Public Affairs
  • Vivian Cywink-Peters, First Nations Student Services
  • Roma Harris, Vice-Provost (Academic Programs & Students) [Registrar]
  • Deb Dawson, Director, Teaching and Support Services
  • Ted Hewitt, Vice-President (Research & International Relations)
  • Kim Luton, Professor of Sociology
  • Ken McIsaac, Professor of Engineering
  • Graham Smith, Professor of Geography
  • Daniela Sneppova, Professor of Information & Media Studies; Arts & Humanities
  • Bill Turkel, Professor of History
  • Kim Verwaayen, Professor of Women's Studies
  • Ted Garrard, Vice-President (External)
  • Gary Blazak, Director, Alumni Relations
  • Anne Langille, President, Alumni Western
  • Jim Etherington, Past President, Alumni Western
  • Kathleen Okruhlik, Dean, Faculty of Arts and Humanities
  • Franco Berruti, Dean, Faculty of Engineering
  • Gloria Leckie, Acting Dean, Faculty of Information & Media Studies
  • Roland Haines, Acting Dean, Faculty of Science
  • Brian Timney, Dean, Faculty of Social Science
  • Carol Stephenson, Dean, Richard Ivey School of Business
  • Allen Pearson, Dean, Faculty of Education
  • Marty Kreiswirth, Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies
  • Jim Weese, Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Carol Herbert, Dean, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry
  • Joyce Garnett, University Librarian

Major Issues discussed at the Strategic Planning Task Force