Our four priorities

Raising Our Expectations

Dr. A. Owen

Adrian Owen, Canada Excellence Research Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience and Imaging

This plan challenges our campus community to become a more pre-eminent research-intensive university by raising our stature nationally and internationally. Meeting that challenge starts with creating a culture that places a higher value on scholarship and innovation, and strives to increase the impact and productivity of our research and scholarly activities. Learn more

Leading in Learning

Lead in Learning

Western's Ivey Business School offers the only undergraduate program in the world committed to the case-method of learning.

We currently have among the highest average entering grades, student retention and graduation rates in the country. As we strive to maintain and strengthen these measures, we will also increase diversity within the student body, promote our internationalization strategy and develop sustainability programs and interdisciplinary studies within our curriculum. Learn more

Reaching Beyond Campus

Dr. Osinski

Gordon Osinski, NSERC/MDA/CSA, Industrial Research Chair in Planetary Geology and Deputy Director of Western's Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration

We cherish our longstanding ties to London, and are highly cognizant of the importance of relationships with local stakeholders and institutional partners. We are also indebted to our relationships with regional, provincial, national and international organizations. These relationships contribute importantly to our rising profile as a global university. Learn more

Taking Charge of Our Destiny

Take charge of our destiny

Saumya Krishna, BHSc’13, Western’s 22nd Rhodes Scholar

If we are to pursue and achieve the aspirations outlined in Achieving Excellence on the World Stage, Western will need incremental resources to support these ambitions. This also means making more effective and selective use of our available resources to maintain the fiscal capacity and flexibility that will allow Western to engage proactively with future opportunities that may emerge in alignment with our strategic priorities. Learn more